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We maintain long-standing partnerships with many of our customers. As with any partnership, it is important to enter the relationship with goals that are realistic for both parties – and then to continue to work on and develop the service relationship on this basis. To achieve this, flexibility and pro-activity on the part of the agency is key. Read what customers say about their experiences with us. You will find the links to all of the customer statements on the right-hand side in the sectors & companies list.

Cassini Consulting

„PR efficiency gains“

Sascha Meyer, Team Manager “Agile Projects” at Cassini Consulting, a leading management and technology consulting company with branches in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich:
A consulting company will of course have a lot of know-how. However, generating content for media publications from this wealth of knowledge would be too time-consuming for our consultants, time we would rather invest in our clients. This is why it is of great value to us to have a partner who can take care of preparing the material for publication. It is wonderful that these trade articles do not only appear in one publication but are made available to a broad professional audience thanks to multiple publications. In short, the collaboration with Möller Horcher gives us both more visibility and increases our PR efficiency.


Oliver Hoffmann, Managing Director  of Lexmark Enterprise Software Deutschland GmbH (former ReadSoft), solution provider for business process automation and optimization:
“In order to get the full picture and make the best choice, we took a look at different agencies. After attending a professional strategy workshop that the consultants at Möller Horcher had carried out with us, the decision to choose the Offenbach agency was reached very quickly. In this context, the comprehensive range of services – traditional press work as well as planning, coordinating and maintaining social media activities – was an important criterion.“

evodion GmbH

"Customer surveys on a regular basis"

Dr. Michael Bark, Managing Director of evodion Information Technologies GmbH on the subject of strategy consulting
“How we are perceived by others does not always correspond to the way we perceive ourselves. This is true for individuals and companies. In order to determine our own market position and, if desired, also to correct that position, one has to be aware of both perspectives. This is why Möller Horcher conducts customer surveys for us on a regular basis. The surveys allow us to learn something about the quality of our services, perhaps discover a need for action in some instances, react promptly to undesirable developments and, of course, to also see what we have done well. In addition, we can draw conclusions from the evaluation for our PR work, because our customers are also our target group. The customer satisfaction surveys are therefore an integral part of our communication strategy.”

Sciforma GmbH

„Dependable partner since 2002“

Kay-Eric Hirschbiegel, CEO of Sciforma GmbH, a company focused on project management solutions, Taunusstein, Germany:
"Möller Horcher PR has been with Sciforma since 2002. It is particularly important to us to always have a reliable partner who can address any changes in our company's PR requirements and put corresponding PR measures into practice. The success-based model allows us to follow this very well. We are very happy with the results of the IT and branch media publications. In addition, the good communication with Möller Horcher's team and the very good response rates contribute to the success of our measures. After ten years, we switched to a fixed monthly fee at the beginning of 2013.”

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